Prince Willem-Alexander opens the wastewater treatment plant in Epe

Publication date: 4 April 2012

On the afternoon of Tuesday 8 May 2012, His Royal Highness Willem-Alexander, Prince of Orange, will open the first wastewater treatment plant to use a new treatment technology - the so-called Nereda technology. Nereda is an innovative technology that makes it possible to treat household and industrial wastewater sustainably and energy-efficiently.

dorpse beek epe

The Nereda technology has been developed by the Delft University of Technology, the DHV engineering consultancy and six district water boards. Thanks to the new technology, wastewater treatment can take place on a smaller surface. This means that considerable savings can be made on building a new plant and on energy consumption.

This partnership between the parties mentioned is consistent with the Dutch government's objective for the joint development and export of (water-related) knowledge.