Research and publications

Nereda is a great example of how the result of pure scientific research can be developed into a practical application. In the case of Nereda, the engineering consultancy DHV, STOWA and some Dutch district water boards were involved, in addition, of course, to the ‘inventor' - Delft University of Technology.

The theory of granulation was already known in the nineteen-nineties. Between 2003 and 2010, research was conducted into the possibilities for practical application, process control and optimisation in various small pilot plants. The exceptionally positive results of this research were incorporated into the STOWA report ‘Nereda pilot research 2003-2010 (see right side-bar).

Epe will have the first full-scale Nereda water treatment plant. In the next step, the engineering consultancy DHV will promote this purely Dutch invention in the Netherlands and the rest of the world.dorpse beek epe